How to Find a Job With 0 Years of Experience

This is one of the most common challenges and fears which fresh graduates from universities and colleges face every year.
“I have never worked before in my life, who’s gonna hire me?”
“All that companies look for are experienced candidates.”
“I have so many degrees but I am unable to get a job.”
Well guess what, this is never a rule and all of the above are just myths!
A lot of jobs in the market do not require any experience (Cashier, Waiter, Sales, junior marketers, associate consultants …) and many reputable companies visit schools and universities on career fairs every year to hunt for fresh talent in industries like Auditing, Consulting, Consumer Goods and other roles…

If you come from any academic background, what you can do to find a job is:

  1. Have a good professional profile: Make sure you create a presentable, professional CV, cover letter, and have an updated LinkedIn profile.
  2. Market yourself: Look for companies and offer working for free for a certain period by the time you actually get employed.
  3. Apply for internships: You are more likely to get accepted into internships than to find a full time job. Focus on this step, for it will boost your chances of getting employed in the future.
  4. Reach out to your connections: Ask the people around you if they can help you find a job or whether they know someone who can help out in this process.
  5. Increase your connections: Meet as many people as you can as this will also give you higher chances of getting a job through word of mouth.
  6. Focus on your strengths: We all have something unique about us in our character or skills that others lack. Develop and display it to company managers!
  7. Do a daily routine: Set a schedule and specific hours for applying, networking, and contacting companies. Consider this your current job by the time you find an actual job.
  8. Follow-up: After going through all the processes above, it is essential to constantly follow up with the people and companies you have contacted because some of them may be very busy and might have forgotten about you.
  9. Start your own freelance: Even if you’re still young and inexperienced but feel like you are able to offer a service or a product, you can always start on your own by the time you find a proper job!
  10. Don’t give up!: Entering the job market for the first time can be tough, but it’s important to stay motivated and never give up!